Wilderness Lodge presented by Alyeska Hermitage Ownership

For a true Alaskan adventure stay in an Alyeska Hermitage Wilderness Lodge, no previous outdoor experience is required. Our day excursions, including guided tours provide a taste of the wilderness, but evenings are spent in the stylish environment of your backcountry accommodation. Here you can fish for salmon and trout in glacier fed rivers during the day, and at night, enjoy massages and gourmet food. For the seasoned outdoor expert, there is no limit to the adventure. Every day can be tailor-made to your wishes and level of fitness. Whether you are looking for adrenaline and adventures or the tranquil beauty of nature, the opportunities are endless at the Alyeska Hermitage Wilderness Lodges at Mat-Su Valley Southcentral Alaska.

Health Care Vacation For Family and Environment Lovers

With so much to see, sightseeing tours bring you the chance to maximize your Alaskan experience. The Alyeska Hermitage Wilderness Lodge offers a broad range from whale watching to wildlife and glacier tours to historical towns and gold mines. Wildlife sightings are almost guaranteed. Visitors have the opportunity to see polar bears, bald eagles, blue and humpbacked whales, gray wolves, grizzly bears, orcas, lynxes, moose, and hundreds of other species in their natural surroundings. Regardless of whether your appetite is more for adventure or luxury, the promotion of low impact and sustainable experiences is always considered. Ecotourism is responsible travel to natural areas. Preserving Alaska’s precious natural resources, maintaining the beauty of the land and respecting local cultures are all of high importance to us when planning any type of wilderness adventure.

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Adventure Lodging and Services

If you are seeking the ideal balance between leisure and adventure, we urge you to check out our wilderness lodges “Alyeska Hermitage Ownership”. With all the sophistication expected of a lavish retreat, it is the perfect fit.

Get in Touch with a Unique and Magical Wilderness

Our mission is to provide a lifestyle where our guests can take home vacation memories throughout a life-changing experience.


Keeping You Posted

We share our thoughts to give you an insight of the pure and mesmerizing wilderness of Alaska, thus making your next vacation even more healthful and restorative. We encourage custom trip planning: you can book a standard itinerary, or email us for a customized itinerary.

  • – Kelly Jones

    “The accomodation is top class, and the places we’ve visited are amazing. The trips to Denali and Nancy Lake are unforgettable. Thank you for your professional guidance on behalf of my whole family!”

    – Kelly Jones
  • – Kevin Paige

    “As a dedicated fisherman, I just wanted to say thanks for the great vacation and for making my new salmon record possible! The Aurora Borealis over the Susitna is breathtaking. See you next time packrafting down the Tal!”

    – Kevin Paige
  • – Brian Miller

    “After so many years in the city, watching a spring sunrise in the Mat-Su walley is priceless. Being so close to nature is a truly spiritual experience.”

    – Brian Miller